Applying for Awards

The Scout Association has had a scheme providing formal recognition of good adult service for many years. It also recognises special acts of bravery, quick thinking in the face of danger, courage and endurance for all young people and adults involved in the movement.

The guidelines at the link below have been written by the awards board with a view to helping commissioners understand the scheme and make it more effective. There is also some good advice about a number of other areas where thanks are appropriate, such as awarding thanks badges and making presentations generally.

Guidelines on applying for awards PDF Logo

County Award

The Gloucestershire County Award acknowledges ‘outstanding’ contributions to Scouting in Gloucestershire – usually by non-uniformed persons at group and district level. The awards are normally presented to those who deserve recognition of their contributions but who, for whatever reason, do not fall within the criteria for an award. The awards will normally be presented annually at the Gloucestershire county AGM.

Gloucestershire County Award – information sheet PDF Logo