Water Activities 2017

The County water activities team recently launched their new look brand and were looking ahead to what promises to be an exciting year. With more water based permits in the County and new advisers, they are looking at needing more space to dry out wet kit! Activities from kayaking and sailing to the more unusual bell boating and scuba are all available to young people in the County.

The new logo brings together the team under a common brand. A new water activities micro-site has also been launched. It aims to bring you the information you need to take everyone from Beavers to Network and Active Support out on the water.

While at the launch they celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Spade” Gardner teaching scouts water activities in Gloucestershire. This is a fantastic achievement and he’s introduced many thousands of Scouts to activities on the water. They did wonder if he’d started to grow webbed feet!

Are you interested in leading water activities for your section? Contact Shelley Wright for more information.