Young Leaders

Module A

Gloucestershire young leader Module A is run regularly at a county Level. For information on upcoming courses, there locations and the booking form please check the county events page.

Module A is the only compulsory young leader module and must be completed within the first three months of starting to help with any section. On completion of the Module A training course you will be awarded the young leader badge. The badge can then be worn on the right sleeve of your uniform.

More information on Module A

So what else is there?

Other Modules

  • Module B: Taking the lead!
  • Module C: That’s the way to do it!
  • Module D: Kids behaving badly!
  • Module E: Game on!
  • Module F: Making Scouting accessible
  • Module G: Programme plans
  • Module H: Programme plans plus
  • Module I: What did they say?
  • Module J: Awards and badges
  • Module K: First aid masterclass

Duke of Edinburgh’s Volunteering

For young people under 18, there are three options available:

  • Become an explorer scout and a member of a young leaders unit. Training and support will then be provided by the young leaders unit whilst the volunteering is undertaken.
  • Be a member of the senior section within Girlguiding UK and assist with a beaver scout colony, cub scout pack or scout troop for a fixed period of time. Training and support will be offered by the section leader and by Girlguiding UK.
  • Be enrolled with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and undertake volunteering with a beaver scout colony, cub scout pack or scout troop for a fixed period of time. Training should be offered by the young leaders unit. Support should be offered by the section leader and by the participant’s operating authority.Young people who are not members of The Scout Association may undertake their volunteering section within Scouting for the period required, throughout this period they will be insured and may operate as if they were members.

Whilst undertaking the volunteering section of the DofE it is mandatory to undertake appropriate training. All participants under 18 must complete module A of the young leader scheme, and an additional 2 hours of training, at each level of the DofE programme.

Young leader scheme and D of E


As part of the young leaders’ scheme there are four missions to be completed alongside the eleven modules.

These missions are designed to allow the young leaders to put the learning from the modules into practice. By doing so, they will gain in confidence and become an integral part of the leadership team within their section and group.

Young leader missions PDF Logo

Young Leader Belt Buckle

Once you have completed all your modules and missions you are then awarded and become enitled to wear the young leaders belt buckle.



Information for Leaders

If a young leader is doing DofE please follow the following guidance before signing the book.

  • The person delivering the training should sign off the training section in the DofE record book whilst the overall section should be signed off by the leader within the section. The overall section must not be signed off until the training section has been completed

Information for section leaders

More Information

For more information on the young leaders scheme in Gloucestershire please contact your district explorer scout leader (young leaders unit). If you are unsure who this is your local explorer scout leader should be able to provide you with contact details.