GOOSE - Time to get excited

You may remember hearing or reading snippets and rumours of a brilliant event we are running on Friday 18th – Sunday 20th September. 

This out of the ordinary event will be an action-packed, fully catered weekend, open to all members of Gloucestershire Scouts and taking place at a Hollow Farm in Gloucester.

We are hoping that over 1,000 young people, supported by amazing adults can come together for one amazing experience.
Proposed costs are £50 per young person and £15 per adult, but this may reduce based on final numbers.
You can camp as a unit, a section or as a group depending on the equipment and resources you have available.
If this sounds like something your young people will want to take part in, right now we just need to know that we will have sufficient people to make the event run. 
Can you please click on the link below and register your section’s / group / unit’s interest in taking part before 21st March 2020


In early April, bookings will open and your journey to this fantastic event will begin.





You can get involved
We have got a committed team in place who will work together to bring this experience to life, but they will need your help. 

We are in particular recruiting for a Programme Lead who will work with a small team to bring a brilliant programme to life for all ages. 

We are also going to need;

  • People to work as part of the team to shape the programme for all ages
  • People to help build and strike the site 
  • People to offer some of their time leading activities on the weekend (not the whole weekend as you may well be camping with your section)
  • People to support the promotion, administration and finance management 
  • Many other areas of support 

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please “express your interest” before 31st March h by using this link