County water activities day

Welcome to our page supporting the Water Activities Day that took place on Sunday 14th June 2020. Usually run every year in the Forest of Dean, this fun packed and wet day usually involves lots of great water activities.

With the suspension of Face to Face Scouting, we can’t get onto the lakes and rivers like we normally can, so the Forest Of Dean District have developed a range of fun activities that anyone can do at home (at any time).

Take a look at the pack by clicking on the image, and watch our videos below showing you how you can do each of the challenges.

Here is a highlights video…

Don’t forget to check out our water conservation tips to see how we can reduce the amount of water we use….

Have fun and share your photos and videos in this shared folder. These will be collected by Chris Meadows DCC Programme, for the promotion of Scouting and may be used in print or online, including our social media channels.

Watch each of the challenges below:

Click the image to download the full pack of activities.

Water conservation

Gloucestershire Scouts is aware that some water utility companies have recently written to consumers and businesses to encourage us all to reduce the amount of water we use. With this in mind, when doing the Water Activity challenges, please use rainwater or greywater where possible, conserve the use of freshwater and plan to reuse water from one activity to the next.

Water Conservation Suggestions 

For activities where water does not come into direct contact with peoples faces, the use of greywater is an option e.g. water collected from sinks, showers, baths, washing machines and dishwashers could be used.

Equally rainwater from waterbutts or simply any container left out to collect the rain (note that rain is due on the 3rd and 4th June and the larger the container to collect rainwater the better).

Why not even go for a walk and collect some water from a local water source (if safe to do so)? Use Google Maps or a similar mapping tool online to find a local spring, stream or river.

Challenges that could use greywater or rainwater include: 

  • Challenge 1 – Egg Rafting
  • Challenge 2 – Duck Bombs
  • Challenge 3 – Paddle boating
  • Challenge 5 – Bridge the Gap
  • Challenge 7 – Scout Graffiti
  • Challenge 10 – Sponge Archery

Challenges where water could be reused include:

  • Challenge 1 – Egg Rafting
  • Challenge 3 – Paddle boating
  • Challenge 5 – Bridge the gap
  • Challenge 6 – Eti-cup

If freshwater is your only option we recommend completing Challenges 1, 3, 5 & 6 first before moving on to the others.

Challenges that should use freshwater for safety purposes are:

  • Challenge 4 – Wacky Bubbles
  • Challenge 6 – Eti-cup
  • Challenge 8 – Splash of Magic
  • Challenge 9 – Soccer Splash

Noting that the volume of freshwater required is not significant.

Challenges that do not require any water at all are:

  • Challenge 11 – Rescue Me
  • Challenge 12 – Scavenger Aid
Here are some other useful water conservation tips

If you are interested in finding out more about Water activities, visit our Gloucestershire Scouting on the Water page.

You can find lots more activities that you can do with young people of all ages at this A to Z of Activities

For questions about leading activities, contact